Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) If
The ATC system can maintain a steady comfort level in
various weather conditions with a simple two step op-
eration. Press the AUTO button and select your comfort
setting. The system will automatically control comfort by
varying temperature, fan speed, and Mode.
You also may choose to customize your comfort by
selecting the fan speed and Mode. This will place the
system into manual operation
Interior ATC Sensors
There are two interior sensors in the vehicle. The Sun
Sensor is mounted in the center of the instrument panel
near the windshield glass. The In-Car Temperature Sen-
sor is mounted behind the ATC control panel. These
sensors transmit data on sun strength and vehicle interior
temperatures to enhance system performance.
Do not cover either sensor with any foreign material
as improper operation of the system will result.
Level Of Automatic Control
72°F (22°C) is the recommended setting for maximum
comfort for the average person, however, this may vary.
The temperature setting can be adjusted at any
time without affecting automatic control operation.
The control also will show what Mode the system is in by
the figure shown in the display.
The Mode can change when the system is in the
Auto Mode. This will be indicated in changes in the
display window. This shows automatic changes in air
Automatic Temperature Controls