Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Engine Oil Selection for Operating on E-85
If you operate the vehicle on E-85 fuel, either full or
part-time, use only Mopar Flexible Fuel 5W-30 engine
oil (P/N 4318086) or an equivalent that meets the
Manufacturers Standard MS-9214. Equivalent com-
mercial Flexible Fuel engine oils may be labeled as
Flexible Fuel (FFV) or Alternate Fuel (AFV). These
engine oils may be satisfactory if they meet the Manu-
facturers Standard.
The 5W-30 engine oil installed at the factory meets the
manufacturers requirements for Flexible Fuel engine oil.
SAE 5W-30 engine oil is preferred for use in Flexible Fuel
If Flexible Fuel engine oil is not used when using
E-85, engine wear may be increased significantly.
This may void your warranty.
Engine Oil Selection for Operating on Gasoline
If you operate the vehicle on regular unleaded gasoline
ONLY, use Mopar oil or an equivalent that meets certified
API (American Petroleum Institute) Quality.
The characteristics of E-85 fuel make it unsuitable for use
when ambient temperatures fall below 0°F (-18°C). In the
range of 0°Fto32°F (-18°Cto0°C), you may experience
an increase in the time it takes for your engine to start,
and a deterioration in drivability (sags and/or hesita-
tions) until the engine is fully warmed up.
Cruising Range
Because E-85 fuel contains less energy per gallon than
gasoline, you will experience an increase in fuel con-
sumption. You can expect your MPG and your driving
range to decrease by about 30% compared to gasoline