Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Poor lighting can result in loss of control or an accident. Lights become dirty
during normal operation. Wash the headlights and taillights frequently.
Hot components can cause serious burns to skin. Do not service the headlamps
until they've cooled.
Headlight/Parking Light Lamp Replacement
When servicing a halogen lamp, do
not touch the lamp with bare fingers.
Oil from your skin leaves a residue,
causing a hot spot that will shorten
the life of the lamp. Hold the plastic
part of the lamp.
1. Place the transmission in PARK.
2. Reach under the front bumper area
to locate the lighting connectors.
3. Parking Light Lamp: Disconnect
the harness connector. Turn the
socket counter-clockwise 1/8 turn
and remove the lamp assembly.
Pull the lamp straight out to
remove it from the socket.
4. Headlight Lamp: Disconnect the
harness connector. Remove the
rubber cover from the back of the
headlight. Press and turn the
locking collar counter-clockwise
(left headlight) or clockwise (right
headlight) to release the lamp
5. Install the new lamp. Apply a
small amount of dielectric grease
to the lamp socket or terminals.
6. Reverse all steps to reassemble
Parking Light