Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

The responsibility for safe operation of the winch ultimately rests with
you, the operator. Read and understand all safety precautions and oper-
ating instructions before operating the winch. Careless operation can
result in serious injury. DO NOT use the winch to lift or move people.
Winch Safety Precautions
1. Be alert. Do not operate the winch under the influence of drugs,
alcohol or medication.
2. Practice using the winch so you are prepared to use it in an emer-
gency situation.
Never connect DC powered winches to AC current. Motor damage or fatal
shock may occur.
Stand clear of the cable and load during winching. Keep helpers and spectators
at a safe distance. If a cable pulls loose or breaks under the load, it can lash
back with dangerous force.
3. Beware of the danger zone.
The danger zone is the area
of the rotating wire cable
drum, the fairlead (if fitted),
the cable, the hook and the
motor. Before placing hands
in or near the danger zone,
first relieve tension on load,
then disconnect the control
4. If you are within four feet of the winch, do not hold the cable and
the remote (if equipped) at the same time.
Danger Zone