Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Cleaning and Storage
Storage Tips
Inspect and Lubricate
Inspect all cables and lubricate all areas of the vehicle as recommended
in the Periodic Maintenance Chart beginning on page 63.
Battery Storage
See pages 110-111 for storage and charging procedures.
Storage Area/Covers
1. Set the tire pressure and safely support the vehicle with the tires
slightly off the ground.
2. Be sure the storage area is well ventilated.
3. Cover the vehicle with a genuine POLARIS cover. Do not use plas-
tic or coated materials. They do not allow enough ventilation to pre-
vent condensation, and may promote corrosion and oxidation.
Auxiliary power outlets provide 12-volt power for operating accesso-
ries. Accessory outlets are available for all models. POLARIS also has a
wide range of additional accessories available for your vehicle. Always
install accessories that are approved for use on this vehicle. Please see
your POLARIS dealer.