Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

All Wheel Drive (AWD) System
The AWD switch may be turned on or off while the vehicle is moving.
AWD will not engage until engine speed is below 3100 RPM. AWD
remains engaged until the switch is turned off. There is no limit to the
length of time the vehicle may remain in AWD.
If the switch is turned off while the demand drive unit is engaged, it will
not disengage until the rear wheels regain traction. Engage AWD before
getting into situations where maximum traction is needed. If the rear
wheels are spinning, release the throttle before switching to AWD.
Tip: The override switch allows activation of AWD in reverse if the AWD switch
is on. See page 34.
Switching to AWD while the rear wheels are spinning may cause severe drive
shaft and gearcase damage. Always switch to AWD while the rear wheels have
traction or are at rest.
When the AWD switch is on,
the vehicle is in four-wheel
drive and the differential is
locked, providing maximum
traction. The demand drive
unit automatically engages
when the rear wheels lose trac-
tion. When the rear wheels
regain traction, the demand drive unit automatically disengages.
When the 2X4 switch is on,
the vehicle is in two-wheel
drive at all times and the dif-
ferential is locked.