Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Winch Rigging
Take your time when rigging and use extra caution. Improper rigging can result
in injury in addition to damage to the vehicle and equipment. Never handle the
cable or rigging while another person is at the control switch.
1. Use a nylon sling to
attach the cable to
an anchor point.
CAUTION! Do not attach
the hook back onto the
cable. Doing so can cause
the cable to break.
Always use a handsaver. Do not hold the hook
with your hand. This is important not only
when reeling cable in but also when removing
cable from the winch under power.
2. Run the winch intermittently to take
up cable slack. When using a pulley
block, be sure the cable is running
properly in all pulleys before apply-
ing a load.
CAUTION! Never engage or disengage the clutch if the winch is under load,
the cable is in tension or the drum is rotating.