Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Periodic Maintenance Chart
Perform all services at whichever maintenance interval is reached first.
Perform these procedures more often for vehicles subjected to severe use.
E Emission-Related Service
Have an authorized POLARIS dealer perform these services.
Item Maintenance Interval
(whichever comes first)
Hours Calendar Kilometers
Steering - Pre-Ride - Make adjustments as need
ed. See Pre-Ride Checklist
on page 53.
Front suspension - Pre-Ride -
Rear suspension - Pre-Ride -
Tires - Pre-Ride -
Brake fluid level - Pre-Ride -
Brake lever - Pre-Ride -
Foot brake - Pre-Ride
Brake system - Pre-Ride -
Wheels/fasteners - Pre-Ride -
Frame fasteners - Pre-Ride -
Engine oil level - Pre-Ride -
Winch - Pre-Ride - See pages 57-58.
Air filter, pre-filter - Daily - Inspect; clean often; replace
as needed
Air box sediment
- Daily - Drain deposits when visible
Coolant - Daily - Check level daily, change
coolant every 2 years
Headlight/taillight - Daily - Check operation; apply
dielectric grease if replacing
Air filter,
main element
- Weekly - Inspect; replace as needed
Recoil housing
(if equipped)
- Weekly - Drain water as needed,
check often if operating in wet
Brake pad wear 10 Monthly 160 Inspect periodically
Battery 20 Monthly 300 Check terminals; clean; test
Demand drive fluid
(front gearcase)
25 Monthly 400 Inspect level; change yearly
Rear gearcase oil
(if equipped)
25 Monthly 400 Inspect level; change yearly
Transmission oil 25 Monthly 400 Inspect level; change yearly
Engine breather
filter (if equipped)
25 Monthly 400 Inspect; clean if needed