Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Engine Oil
Oil Recommendations
Always change the oil filter whenever changing oil.
POLARIS recommends the use of POLARIS PS-4 PLUS Performance
Synthetic 2W-50 4-cycle oil or a similar oil for this engine. Oil may
need to be changed more frequently if POLARIS oil is not used. Always
use 2W-50 oil. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for ambient
temperature operation. See page 122 for the part numbers of POLARIS
Mixing brands or using a non-recommended oil may cause serious engine
damage. Always use a recommended oil. Never substitute or mix oil brands.
Oil Specifications
Model Lubricant Capacity Drain Plug Torque
Forest 500
PS-4 PLUS Performance
Synthetic 2W-50 4-Cycle
1.9 liters 19-23 N-m