Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Winch Preparation and Inspection
Wear heavy leather gloves whenever
handling cable. Do not allow the cable
to slip through your hands, even with
gloves on. When handling the hook,
always use a handsaver. Never place
fingers into the hook. Placing fingers in
the hook could result in injury.
Inspect the switch and wiring for cracks, pinched spots, frayed wire or loose
connections. A damaged, shortened lead could cause the winch to operate as
soon as it is plugged in.
Never touch the cable or hook while they are in tension
or under load. Even at rest, the winch may have the
cable in tension. Never guide a cable under tension onto
the drum with your hand.
1. Winch with at least five wraps of cable around
the winch drum. With fewer wraps, the cable
could pull loose from the drum under load.