Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Steering Assembly
Check the steering assembly of the vehicle periodically for loose nuts
and bolts. If loose nuts and bolts are found, see your POLARIS dealer
for service before operating the vehicle.
Handlebar Adjustment
The handlebars can be adjusted for rider preference.
Improper adjustment of the handlebars or incorrect torquing of the adjuster
block tightening bolts can cause limited steering or loosening of the handlebars,
resulting in loss of control. Follow the adjustment procedures exactly, or see
your POLARIS dealer for service.
1. Remove the upper headlight
2. Loosen the four handlebar bolts.
3. Adjust the handlebar to the
desired height.
Tip: Be sure the handlebars do not con-
tact the gas tank or any other part
of the machine when turned fully to
the left or right.
4. Torque the front two bolts to
14-17 N-m, then torque the rear
two bolts. A gap of up to 3 mm
will remain at the rear bolts.
Rear Spring Adjustment
The rear shock absorber spring
is adjusted by rotating the
adjuster either clockwise or
counter-clockwise to increase
or decrease spring tension.
14-17 N-m