Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

PVT System
When To Use Low Range and High Range
PVT Drying
There may be some instances when water is accidently ingested into the
PVT system. Dry it out before operating.
1. Position the vehicle on a level
2. Place the transmission in PARK.
3. Remove the drain
plug. Allow the water
to drain completely.
Reinstall the drain
4. Start the engine.
5. Apply varying throttle for 10-15 seconds to expel the moisture and
air-dry the belt and clutches. Do not hold the throttle wide open for
more than 10 seconds.
6. Allow the engine RPM to settle to idle speed, then shift the trans-
mission to the lowest available range.
7. Test for belt slippage. If the belt slips, repeat the process.
8. Take the vehicle to your dealer for service as soon as possible.
Condition Range to Use
Operating at speeds less than 11 km/h Low
Towing heavy loads Low
Operating in rough terrain (swamps, mountains, etc.) Low
Operating at speeds greater than 11 km/h High