Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Throttle Cable Freeplay
Adjust throttle cable freeplay at the handlebar.
1. Locate the throttle cable adjuster
at the handlebar.
2. Squeeze the end of the rub-
ber boot and slide it far
enough to expose the end of
the inline cable adjuster.
3. Loosen the adjuster lock nut.
4. Rotate the boot to turn the
adjuster until 1.6-3.2 mm of
freeplay is achieved at the
thumb lever. Move the throt-
tle lever back and forth while
5. Tighten the lock nut.
6. Squeeze the end of the
rubber boot and slide it
over the cable adjuster to
its original position.
WARNING! Engine RPM should not increase when steering is turned full left or
right. Readjust cable freeplay if this occurs.
Lock Nut
1.6-3.2 mm