Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Noise Emission Control System
Do not modify the engine, intake or exhaust components, as doing so may affect compli-
ance with governmental noise level requirements.
Spark Arrester
Your POLARIS vehicle has a spark arrester that was designed for on-road and off-road
operation. It is required that this spark arrester remain installed and functional when the
vehicle is operated.
Exhaust Emission Control System
The emissions from the exhaust of this vehicle are controlled by engine design, includ-
ing factory-set fuel delivery and ignition. The engine and related components must be
maintained at POLARIS specifications to achieve optimal performance.
Engine idle speed is the only adjustment POLARIS recommends that the operator per-
form. Any other adjustments should be performed by an authorized POLARIS dealer.
Electromagnetic Interference
This vehicle complies with the EMC requirements of European directives 97/24/EC and
Non-ionizing Radiation: This vehicle emits some electromagnetic energy. People with
active or non-active implantable medical devices (such as heart monitoring or control-
ling devices) should review the limitations of their device and the applicable electro-
magnetic standards and directives that apply to this vehicle.
European Vibration and Noise
The driver-perceived noise and hand/arm and whole body vibration levels of this
machinery is measured per prEN 15997.
The operating conditions of the machinery during testing:
The vehicles were in like-new condition. The environment was controlled as indicated
by the test procedure(s).
The uncertainty of vibration exposure measurement is dependent on many factors,
Instrument and calibration uncertainty
Variations in the machine such as wear of components
Variation of machine operators such as experience or physique
Ability of the worker to reproduce typical work during measurements
Environmental factors such as ambient noise or temperature