Polaris 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Winch Operation
NOTICE: This winch is designed for intermittent use. Prolonged use may result
in damage due to overheating.
1. Use common sense.
2. Take your time.
3. Think through the situation.
4. Pay attention to what is going on when you are winching.
5. DO NOT overheat the winch motor. During extended winching,
stop and feel the winch motor. The motor should be cool enough to
touch. If not, allow the motor to cool before continuing.
6. Extended winching will discharge your battery. If the low battery
warning light comes on, stop winching. Make sure the transmission
is in neutral or park, then rev the motor for a few minutes until the
warning light goes out. Recharge the battery as soon as possible.
7. DO NOT overload or stall the winch. If the load is greater than the
winch is capable of pulling, use a snatch block.
8. Avoid continuous side pulls.
9. Never tow the vehicle by the winch cable.
10. Never use the winch cable as a tie-down.
11. Use an anchor point that is stronger than what you are pulling.
12. DO NOT hook the cable back onto itself. This will damage the