Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Turning Around on a Hill
If the vehicle stalls while climbing a hill, never back it down the hill! One maneuver that can
be used when it's necessary to turn around while climbing a hill is the K-turn:
1. Keep your body weight uphill.
2. Pull in the clutch lever and apply the front and rear brakes.
3. When completely stopped, shut off the engine. Leaving the transmission in gear, release
the clutch lever and lock the parking brake.
4. Dismount on the uphill side of the vehicle, or on the left side if the vehicle is pointing
straight uphill.
5. Staying uphill of the ATV, turn the handlebars full left.
Improper hill climbing procedures could cause loss of control or overturn and result in serious injury
or death. Avoid climbing steep hills (25
° maximum). Use extreme caution when operating on hills,
and follow proper operating procedures outlined in the owner's manual.