Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Engine Overheats
Possible Cause Solution
Debris lodged in screen Remove and clean the screen
Plugged radiator Use a garden hose to flush any debris from the radia-
tor fins. NOTE: High pressure washers can deform the
radiator fins and reduce cooling efficiency.
Insufficient coolant Check levels and fill as needed; check for leaks
Insufficient air flow due to slow operation Operate at a faster speed to increase air flow
Cooling system has not been bled Bleed the cooling system
Foam has formed in cooling system Drain and replace coolant with recommended coolant
Bent cooling hose Shorten or replace hose
Defective thermostat or thermoswitch See your Polaris dealer
Blown fan fuse or defective fan Replace fuse and check fan for proper operation or see
your Polaris dealer