Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Stabilize the Fuel
1. Fill the fuel tank with fuel.
2. Add Polaris Carbon Clean Fuel Treatment or Polaris Fuel Stabilizer. Follow the instruc-
tions on the container for the recommended amount.
NOTE: Carbon Clean removes water from fuel systems, stabilizes fuel and removes carbon deposits
from pistons, rings, valves and exhaust systems. It also prevents bacterial growth and pro-
motes better starting after the storage period.
3. Start the engine and allow it to run for 15-20 minutes so the stabilizer can disperse
through the fuel in the tank and carburetor.
4. Stop the engine. Turn the fuel valve off.
5. Start the engine. Allow the engine to operate until it stops.
6. Drain the carburetor bowl. See page 125.
7. Remove the spark plug. Pour approximately 5 cc of engine oil into the cylinder through
the opening. Using the start button, rotate the engine several times to distribute the oil
onto the cylinder walls. Reinstall the spark plug. Torque to specification.