Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Engine Cooling System
The engine coolant level is controlled or maintained by the recovery system. The recovery
system components are the recovery bottle, radiator filler neck, radiator pressure cap and
connecting hose.
To ensure that the coolant maintains its ability to protect the engine, we recommend that you
completely drain the cooling system every two years and add a fresh mixture of antifreeze
and water.
Polaris recommends the use of Polaris Premium 60/40 anti-freeze/coolant or a 50/50 mixture
of high quality aluminum compatible anti-freeze/coolant and distilled water. See page 186
for the part numbers of Polaris products.
NOTE: Polaris Premium 60/40 is already premixed and ready to use. Do not dilute with water.
NOTE: Always follow the manufacturer's mixing recommendations for the freeze protection required
in your area.