Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Pre-Ride Inspection
Pre-Ride Checklist Page
Coolant (if applicable) Ensure proper level 119
Coolant hoses (if applicable) Inspect for leaks --
Throttle Ensure smooth operation 56
Indicator lights / switches Ensure operation 52, 53
Engine stop switch Ensure proper operation 51
Air filter Inspect, clean, replace as needed 122
Air box sediment tubes Drain deposits when visible --
Headlamp Check operation, apply Polaris dielectric grease to
the socket when the lamp is replaced
Brake light / tail lamp Check operation, adjust brake light switch 132
Riding gear Wear helmet, goggles, protective clothing 12
A-arm ball joints Check freeplay. If the tire moves excessively, do not
operate. See your Polaris dealer.