Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Features and Controls
Throttle Lever
The throttle lever is located on the right handlebar.
Squeeze the lever toward the handlebar to increase
engine speed and vehicle movement. Engine speed
returns to idle when the lever is released. See page 155
for throttle adjustment procedures.
NOTE: Fuel is injected into the intake passage each time
throttle is applied. Do not squeeze the throttle lever
while starting the engine. Do not squeeze the throttle
lever when the engine is stopped.
Operating with sticking or improperly operating throttle controls could cause an accident and lead to
severe injury or death. Never start or operate the vehicle with an improperly operating throttle.
Always contact your dealer for service if throttle problems arise.
Failure to check or maintain proper operation of the throttle system can result in an accident if the
throttle lever sticks during operation. Always check the lever for free movement and return before
starting the engine. Also check occasionally during operation.
Throttle Lever