Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

See your Polaris dealer if you're unable to identify solutions using the following charts.
Engine Turns Over, Fails to Start
Possible Cause Solution
Out of fuel Turn the fuel valve to reserve, refuel
Water is present in carburetor or fuel supply Clean carburetor and/or drain fuel system and refuel
Fuel valve is turned off Turn the fuel valve on
Engine is cold Use choke to start a cold engine
Interrupted fuel supply Turn the fuel valve off; remove the fuel hose at the
carburetor and place in a drain pan; turn the fuel valve
If fuel leaks out, clean the carburetor.
If no fuel leaks out, clean the fuel valve.
Clogged fuel valve or filter Inspect and clean or replace
Old or non-recommended fuel Replace with new fuel
Fouled or defective spark plug(s) Inspect and clean or replace plug(s)
Incorrect spark plug gap Adjust gap to specification