Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Features and Controls
Manual Shift
Shifting Gears
NOTE: Always allow a cold engine to warm up before shifting gears.
1. When starting from a stopped position, place the transmission in neutral.
2. Squeeze and hold the brake lever.
NOTE: Do not squeeze the throttle lever.
3. Squeeze the clutch lever to disengage the clutch.
4. Depress the gear shift pedal one full stroke to shift into first gear.
5. Release the brake lever.
6. Gradually squeeze the throttle lever while slowly releasing the clutch lever.
7. As engine speed (RPM) increases in first gear, simultaneously release the throttle, disen-
gage the clutch and shift to second gear by raising the gear shift pedal one full stroke.
Repeat this procedure to progressively upshift to additional gears.
8. Use the same procedure to downshift.