Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Features and Controls
Clutch Fluid
The clutch fluid master cylinder is located on the
left handlebar. Check the fluid level in the reservoir
before each ride. The level should be 4mm below
the upper edge of the reservoir. Do not overfill.
Polaris recommends the use of KTM Hydraulic
Clutch Oil. Do not use brake fluid. Do not mix
clutch fluid with any other hydraulic fluids. See
page 186 for the part numbers of Polaris products.
1. Position the vehicle on a level surface.
2. Turn the handlebar until the master cylinder is
in a horizontal position.
3. Remove the two cover screws, the cover and the
rubber boot.
4. Add the recommended fluid as needed.
5. Reinstall the cover, boot and screws securely.