Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Operator Safety
Never operate an ATV on a public street,
road or highway, including a dirt or
gravel road.
Never operate an ATV without wearing
an approved helmet that fits properly.
Always wear eye protection (goggles or
face shield), gloves, boots, a long-sleeved
shirt or jacket, and long pants.
Never consume alcohol or drugs before
or while operating an ATV.
Never operate at excessive speeds. Travel
at speeds appropriate for the terrain, visi-
bility and operating conditions, and your
Never attempt jumps or other stunts.
Never tow or pull an object behind the
Always inspect your ATV before each
use to make sure it's in safe operating
condition. Always follow the inspection
and maintenance procedures and sched-
ules outlined in your owner's manual.
Always keep both hands on the handle-
bars and both feet on the footpegs of the
ATV during operation.
Always travel slowly and use extra cau-
tion when operating on unfamiliar terrain.
Be alert to changing terrain conditions.