Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Throttle Cable Freeplay Adjustment
1. Locate the throttle cable at the handlebar.
2. Slide the boots off the inline cable adjuster
sleeve and loosen the locking nut.
3. Turn the adjuster until 1/16" to 1/8" (1.5-3 mm)
freeplay is achieved at the thumb lever.
NOTE: While adjusting freeplay, be sure to flip the
throttle lever back and forth.
4. Tighten the locknut and slide the boots over the cable adjuster until they touch at the
midpoint of the adjuster.
Improper adjustment of throttle cable freeplay can result in loss of control, which could result in
serious injury or death. Polaris recommends that this procedure be performed by a Polaris dealer to
ensure that it's done correctly. Mechanically knowledgeable persons who perform this procedure
must follow the adjustment procedures exactly.
Boot Boot
Locking Nut