Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Break-In Period
1. Fill the fuel tank with gasoline. See page 74.
2. Check the oil level. Add the recommended oil as needed to maintain the oil level in the
proper range. See page 109.
3. Allow the engine sufficient time to warm up before operating.
4. Drive slowly at first. Select an open area that allows room to familiarize yourself with
vehicle operation and handling.
5. Vary throttle positions. Do not operate at sustained idle.
6. Perform regular checks on fluid levels, controls and areas outlined on the daily pre-ride
inspection checklist. See page 72.
7. At the end of the break-in period (3 hours), change the engine oil and the long and short
oil filters. See page 110. Clean the oil screen and drain plug magnet.
Failure to perform the recommended break-in maintenance procedures can result in serious engine
damage. Change the oil and filters after the first three hours of operation.