Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Operator Safety
Equipment Modifications
We are concerned for the safety of our customers and for the general public. Therefore, we
strongly recommend that consumers do not install on a Polaris ATV any equipment that may
increase the speed or power of the vehicle, or make any other modifications to the vehicle for
these purposes. Any modifications to the original equipment of the vehicle create a substan-
tial safety hazard and increase the risk of bodily injury.
The warranty on your Polaris ATV is terminated if any equipment has been added to the
vehicle, or if any modifications have been made to the vehicle, that increase its speed or
NOTE: The addition of certain accessories, including (but not limited to) mowers, blades, tires, spray-
ers, or large racks, may change the handling characteristics of the vehicle. Use only Polaris-
approved accessories, and familiarize yourself with their function and effect on the vehicle.