Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Vehicle Immersion
If your ATV has been submerged or overturned in water deeper than the footpeg level, it's
critical to dry it promptly and properly before starting the engine.
Do not perform the following procedures if you don't feel completely capable, or if you sus-
pect that water has entered the fuel tank (likely if the water was deep or if the ATV over-
turned). Tow or trailer the ATV to your dealer for immediate service.
Do not start the engine after an ATV has been in water that exceeds the recommended depth.
Serious engine damage WILL occur. Tow or trailer the ATV to your dealer for service. In an
emergency, perform the temporary drying out procedure outlined below, which will allow short-term
operation only, to drive the ATV to a trailer or towing vehicle.