Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Periodic Maintenance Chart
X Perform these procedures more often for vehicles subjected to severe use
E Emission-Related Service
Q Have an authorized Polaris dealer perform these services
z Use Polaris Premium All Season Grease
Item Maintenance Interval
(whichever comes first)
Hours Calendar Fuel Used
in gallons (liters)
Oil pressure valve 90 -- 156 (600) Measure spring; replace as needed
Transmission 90 -- 156 (600) Check entire transmission/bearings for
wear; replace as needed
QE Ignition Timing -- 12 M -- Inspect; adjust as needed
Clutch fluid 90 12 M -- Bleed as needed; change yearly 152
QE Jet needle/needle jet 180 24 M -- Replace
Q Brake fluid 180 24 M -- Replace
Spark arrestor 300 36 M -- Clean out 138
Q Front/rear wheel bearings 300 36 M -- Inspect; replace as needed
Q Toe adjustment As required Inspect periodically; adjust when
parts are replaced
Headlight aim As required Adjust as needed 128