Polaris 450 S Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Operator Safety
Safety Training
ATV safety training is a top priority for
Polaris. When you purchased your new
ATV, your dealer instructed you on the
authorized ATV RiderCourse
available to
you and your eligible family members. This
training is included in the purchase price of
your ATV. Polaris strongly encourages you
and your age eligible family members who
will be riding the ATV to take the ATV
You were also provided with printed
materials that explain safe operating
procedures. You should review this
information on a regular basis.
If you purchased a used Polaris ATV, you
can take the ATV RiderCourse
by calling
ATV Enrollment Express at (800) 887-2887
or by visiting www.atvsafety.org.
Purchasers of a used Polaris ATV will be
charged for this training.
A Polaris ATV is an off-road vehicle.
Familiarize yourself with all laws and
regulations concerning the operation of this
vehicle in your area.
Follow the recommended maintenance
program outlined in your owner's manual.
This program is designed to ensure that all
critical components on your vehicle are
thoroughly inspected at specific intervals.