Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Cleaning Your RANGER
Keeping your vehicle clean will not only improve its appearance but it can also ex-
tend the life of various components. With a few precautions, your vehicle can be
cleaned much like an automobile.
If a high pressure type car wash system is used, extreme care must be taken to
avoid water damage to the wheel bearings, transmission seals, body panels,
brakes, headlights and warning labels. Many expensive repair bills can result from
using high pressure detergent systems.
NOTE: If a high pressure car wash is used, grease all zerk fittings immediately af-
ter washing. Also run the vehicle to evaporate any water that might have entered
the engine or exhaust system.
The best and safest way to clean your vehicle is with a garden hose and a pail of
mild soap and water. Use a professional type washing mitten, cleaning the upper
body first and the lower parts last. Rinse with water frequently and dry with a cham-
ois to prevent water spots. NOTE: If warning labels are damaged, contact your
a Polaris dealer for free replacement.