Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Coolant Level Inspection
NOTE: Check the coolant level
when the engine is cold (room or
atmospheric temperature).
1. Situate the vehicle on level
2. Check the coolant level
through the coolant level
gauge on the reserve tank lo-
cated Behind the left hand en-
gine compartment panel. The
coolant level should be be-
tween the F (Full) and L (Low)
3. If the amount of coolant is not
within the operating range, un-
screw the cap from the reserve
tank. Using a funnel, add cool-
ant through the filler opening to
the F (Full) mark. Install the
NOTE: Polaris recommends the
use of Polaris Premium 60/40 anti-
freeze/coolant or a 50/50 mixture
of high quality aluminum compat-
ible anti-freeze/coolant and dis-
tilled water. IMPORTANT: Polaris
Premium 60/40 is already pre-
mixed and ready to use. Do not di-
lute with water. IMPORTANT: Al-
ways follow the manufacturers
mixing recommendations for the
freeze protection required in your
NOTE: In an emergency you can add water alone to the coolant reserve tank, how-
ever it must be returned to the correct mixture ratio by the addition of antifreeze con-
centrate as soon as possible.
CAUTION: If coolant must be added often, or the reserve tank completely runs dry,
it is possible there is a leak in the system. Have the cooling system inspected by
your Polaris RANGER dealer.
Coolant Bottle
Radiator Cap