Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

The idle speed adjustment should be performed in accordance with the Periodic
Maintenance Chart or whenever the idle speed is changed. The following proce-
dure covers the idle speed adjustment:
Carburetor/Engine Idle RPM Adjustment
Recommended engine idle RPM is 1200 +/- 200. If the engine idle speed is not
satisfactory, and all other conditions are favorable, the carburetor can be adjusted
as follows:
1. Apply the parking brake.
2. Put the gear shift lever in the N
(Neutral) position.
3. Warm up the engine by running
the vehicle approximately five
4. Remove the right hand engine
compartment access panel and
locate the idle screw.
5. Place the transmission in gear
with the parking brake applied.
6. Adjust the carburetor idle screw
in or out until the desired idle
RPM is reached . Turning the
screw in (clockwise) will raise
RPM. Turning the screw out
(counterclockwise) will lower
Idle Screw