Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Procedure for Starting a Warm Engine
Warm engines do not normally require the use of the choke since the spark plug
can easily become wet fouled.
1. Place the transmission in neutral and move the vehicle to a level surface.
2. Lock the parking brake
3. Turn the fuel tank valve to ON.
4. Sit in the vehicle in the drivers seat.
5. Turn the ignition key to START.
Choke Lever Side View
6. If the engine has cooled to a point where it does not readily start, intermittent
use of the choke lever in its HALF position is permitted.
7. If the engine is over-choked by mistake when warm, depress the throttle lever
fully while cranking to aid in starting.
8. Release the throttle lever immediately after the engine starts. If the engine does
not start and all conditions are favorable, change the spark plug.