Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Fuel Gauge
The fuel gauge on the instrument panel shows the amount of fuel in the fuel tank.
When the red indicator needle comes near the E (empty) mark, refuel at the earliest
Ignition Switch
This is a three-position, key-operated switch. The key can be removed from the
switch when it is in the OFF position.
Engine off. All electrical circuits off except Acc. 12V.
All electrical equipment can be used.
Electric starter is engaged by holding ignition switch key in
this position. Upon release, the key will return to the ON
Do not operate the starter continuously for more than 5 seconds, or the start-
er will overheat and the battery power will drop temporarily. Wait at least 5 seconds
between each operation of the starter to let it cool and the batter power recover.
Do not turn the ignition switch key to the START position with the engine run-
ning, or damage to the starter can result.
Light Switch Lever
Turn on headlights and taillights by flipping the light switch lever up, with the ignition
switch key in the ON position.
The lights go off when the lever is pushed down.
4WD - AWD Rocker Switch
This vehicle can be operated in either 4WD or AWD. The 4WD-AWD is operated
by a rocker switch located on the console. Flipping the lever up will engage the