Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Congratulations and thank you from Polaris Industries Inc. for purchasing one of
our products. Built with American engineering and manufacturing know-how, it is
designed to provide superior comfort, utility, enjoyment and safety.
This manual is furnished to ensure that the operator is aware of safe operating pro-
cedures. It also includes information about the general care and maintenance of
your vehicle.
Carefully read the following pages. If you have any questions regarding this ve-
hicle contact a Polaris dealer for assistance. Remember, Polaris dealers have the
knowledge and facilities to provide you with the best service possible.
Know all local, state/province off-road vehicle laws;
Respect your vehicle;
Respect the environment; and
You will gain the respect of others.
We also advise you to strictly follow the recommended maintenance program as
outlined. This preventive maintenance program is designed to ensure that all criti-
cal components on this vehicle are thoroughly inspected at various intervals.
All information in this manual is based upon the latest product data and specifica-
tions available at the time of printing. Polaris Industries Inc. reserves the right to
make product changes and improvements which may affect illustrations or ex-
No part of this manual shall be reproduced or used without the written permission
of Polaris Industries Inc.