Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Front Gearcase Lubrication
Fill plug/Dipstick
Front Gearcase Lubrication
The front gearcase fill plug is located on the right side of the front gearcase.
The front gearcase lubricant level should be checked every six months or 1000
miles (1600 km), whichever comes first. Front gearcase oil should be changed
annually. With the RANGER on a level surface, remove fill plug and check the lubri-
cant level. Lubricant should be kept at the bottom thread of the fill plug hole. The
correct gearcase lubricant to use is GL5 80-90 Weight Gear Lube.
Gearcase Oil Changing Procedure
1. Remove fender panel.
2. Remove fill plug/dipstick.
3. Remove gearcase drain plug located on the bottom right hand side and drain
the oil. Catch and discard used oil properly.
4. Clean and reinstall the drain plug.
5. Add GL5 80-90 Weight Gear Lube to the bottom thread of the fill plug hole.
6. Check for leaks.