Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Wheel Removal Procedure
1. Stop the engine, place the transmission in gear and lock the parking brake.
2. Loosen the wheel nuts slightly.
3. Elevate the side of the vehicle by placing a suitable stand under the frame.
4. Remove the wheel nuts and remove the wheel.
Wheel Installation
1. With the transmission in gear and the parking brake locked, place the wheel
in the correct position on the wheel hub. Be sure the valve stem is toward the
outside and rotation arrows on the tire point toward forward rotation.
2. Attach the wheel nuts and finger
tighten them.
3. Lower the vehicle to the ground.
4. Securely tighten the wheel nuts
according to the chart found on
page 69:
CAUTION: If wheels are improperly
installed it could affect vehicle han-
dling and tire wear.