Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Load Distribution
1. Always load the cargo box placing the load as far forward as possible.
2. Always operate the vehicle with extreme care whenever hauling or towing
3. Slow down and drive in D-1 only.
4. The cargo box dump latch must be securely latched before loading and operat-
ing. Unintentional box tilting will result if weight is placed in the rear of the box
and the latch is not secured.
WARNING: Never operate this vehicle with the cargo box in the raised position.
The cargo box could close unexpectedly while driving, severely injuring the driver.
The rear tires will catch the rear of the box, damaging the vehicle and creating haz-
ardous driving conditions.
Do not carry more than 1000 Lbs. in the cargo box.
Parking the RANGER
1. Stop the vehicle on a level surface.
CAUTION: Avoid parking on steeply inclined surfaces.
2. When the engine has stopped, apply the parking brake to help prevent the ve-
hicle from rolling
Be sure to apply the parking brake before leaving the vehicle. If the vehicle
should move, it might be damaged or cause injury.
3. Remove the ignition switch key to prevent unauthorized use.
NOTE: When parking inside a garage or other structure, be sure the structure is
well ventilated and the vehicle is not close to any source of flame or sparks. This
includes any appliance with a pilot light.
Gasoline is extremely flammable and can be explosive under certain condi-