Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Inspect your vehicle each time before riding to ensure it is in proper working
order. If proper inspection is not done, severe injury or death could result.
If a proper inspection is not performed serious injury or death can result.
Always inspect your RANGER before riding following the checklist care-
Before riding your vehicle, inspect all operating controls and parts.
Item/Inspection Procedure
1. Tires - check condition and pressures
2. Fuel and oil tanks - fill both tanks to their proper levels
3. All brakes - check operation, adjustment and fluid level (includes
emergency/parking brake)
4. Throttle - check for free operation and closing
5. Headlight/Taillight/Brakelight - check operation of all indicator lights
and switches
6. Engine ignition switch - check for proper function
7. Wheels - check for tightness of wheel nuts and axle nuts; check that
axle nuts are secured by cotter pins
8. Air cleaner element - check for dirt; clean or replace
9. Steering - check for free operation noting any unusual looseness in
any area
10. Loose parts - visually inspect vehicle for any damaged or loose nuts/
bolts or fasteners
11. Operator and passenger should be properly dressed.
12. Engine coolant - check for proper level at the recovery bottle.
13. Check condition and operation of the dump box/bed latch mecha-