Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Vehicle operation with insufficient, deteriorated, or contaminated engine
oil will cause accelerated wear and may result in engine seizure, acci-
dent, and injury.
Engine Oil
In order for the engine to function
properly, maintain the engine oil at the
proper level, and change the oil and
oil filter in accordance with the Period-
ic Maintenance Schedule. Not only
do dirt and metal particles collect in
the oil, but the oil itself loses its lubrica-
tive quality if used too long.
The transmission cover/dipstick (1) is
located on the right side of the ma-
chine inside the chassis.
Transmission Oil
The transmission lubricant level
should be checked monthly (or 1000
miles (1600 km), whichever comes
first. Transmission oil should be
changed annually.
To check the transmission lubricant
level you must first position the ve-
hicle on a level surface. Remove the
right engine access panel as de-
scribed on page 35. Reach inside the
engine compartment in the direction
indicated by the arrow (2). Remove fill
plug dipstick (3) by pulling upward and
check the lubricant level. Lubricant
should be kept at the full mark on the
dipstick. The correct transmission lu-
bricant to use is Polaris Premium Syn-
thetic Gearcase Lubricant (PN