Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Battery Removal
1. Disconnect hold down straps
holding the battery (1) in position
and remove battery retainer.
2. Remove the battery vent tube
from the battery.
3. Disconnect the black (negative)
battery cable first.
4. Disconnect the red (positive) bat-
tery cable next.
5. Lift the battery out of the vehicle,
being careful not to tip it sideways
and spill any electrolyte.
CAUTION: If electrolyte spills, immediately wash it off with a solution of one table-
spoon baking soda and one cup water to prevent damage to the RANGER.
Battery Installation
WARNING: To avoid the possibility of explosion, always connect battery cables
in the order specified. Red (positive) cable first; black (negative) cable last.
1. Set the battery in its holder.
2. Install the battery vent tube. It must be free from obstructions and securely
installed. If not, battery gases could accumulate and cause an explosion. The
tube should be routed away from the frame and body to prevent corrosion.
Avoid skin contact with electrolyte, severe burns could result.
3. First connect and tighten the red (positive) cable.
4. Second connect and tighten the black (negative) cable.
5. Verify that cables are properly routed.
6. Reinstall battery cover and attach the hold down strap.
D When your RANGER is placed in storage for three months or more, the battery
should be removed, charged to proper level, and stored in a cool dry place.
D Before reusing, take the battery to your dealer for testing and recharging.