Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Oil and Filter Change (Cont.)
14. Reinstall drain plug.
15. Remove dipstick (2) and add 2 quarts (1.9 l) of Polaris Premium 4 synthetic oil.
Reinstall dipstick. NOTE: If sump is not drained, add about 1 3/4 quarts
16. Place gear selector in neutral and set parking brake.
17. Start engine and let it idle for one to two minutes. Stop engine and inspect for
18. Re-check oil level on the dipstick and add oil as necessary to bring the level to
the upper mark on the dipstick.
19. Dispose of used filter and oil properly.
Fuel Filter and Oil Filter
Your Polaris RANGER is equipped with a unique in-line fuel filter.
These filters should be replaced by your dealer after every 100 hours of operation
or annually. Do not attempt to clean these filters.