Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Rear Spring Adjustment
The rear shock absorber springs are
adjusted by rotating the adjuster in
the direction required to increase or
decrease spring tension.
Air Filter Service
It is recommended that the air filter be
replaced yearly. When riding in ex-
tremely dusty conditions replace-
ment will be required more often.
1. Open the hood.
2. Remove the cover. Inspect the
gasket. It should adhere tightly to
the cover and seal all the way
3. Remove the air filter. Do not attempt to clean the main element.
4. Install new air filter. NOTE: Apply a small amount of general purpose grease
to the sealing edges of the filter before installing.
5. Check air box. If oil or water deposits are found, drain them into a suitable con-
tainer. NOTE: Service more frequently if vehicle is operated in wet conditions
or at high throttle openings for extended periods.
Rear Spring
Air Filter