Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

The break in period for your new Polaris RANGER is defined as the first twenty
hours of operation, or the time it takes to use the first two tanks full of gasoline. No
single action on your part is as important as a proper break in period. Careful treat-
ment of a new engine will result in more efficient performance and longer life for the
engine. Perform the following procedures carefully.
CAUTION: Use only Polaris Premium 4 All Season synthetic oil, or API certified
SH oil. Never substitute or mix oil brands. Serious engine damage and voiding
of warranty can result.
1. Fill fuel tank with either unleaded or leaded fuel which has a minimum pump
octane number of 87= (R+ M)/2.
2. Check oil reservoir level in-
dicated on dipstick. Add oil
if necessary.
3. Drive slowly at first. Select
an area which is open and
will give you room to famil-
iarize yourself with vehicle
operation and handling.
4. Vary the throttle positions. Do not operate at sustained idle. CAUTION: Do
not operate at full throttle or high speeds for extended periods during the first
three hours of use. Excessive heat can build up and cause damage to close
fitted engine parts.
5. Perform regular checks on fluid levels, controls and all important areas on the
vehicle as outlined earlier on the daily pre-ride inspection checklist found on
page 9.
6. Pull only light loads.
7. Break in oil and filter. Change at 20 hours or 500 miles.
Maintain Oil Level In Normal Range