Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Stopping the Engine
1. Release the throttle pedal completely.
2. Put the gear shift lever into (N) Neutral.
3. Apply the parking brake to help prevent the vehicle from rolling.
4. Turn the ignition switch key to the OFF position.
Procedure for Starting a Cold Engine
Do not start or operate this vehicle with sticking or improperly operating
throttle pedal. A stuck or improperly operating throttle could cause an ac-
cident resulting in severe injury or death.
Always contact your dealer for service repairs whenever throttle prob-
lems arise.
Failure to check or maintain proper operation of the throttle system can
result in the throttle pedal sticking during driving and cause an accident.
Always check the pedal for free movement and return before starting the
engine and occasionally during driving.
1. Place the transmission in neutral and move the vehicle to a level surface.
2. Lock the parking brake.
3. Turn the fuel tank valve to ON.
4. Sit in the vehicle in the drivers seat.
Choke Lever Side View
5. Move the choke lever to the FULL position.
6. Turn the ignition key to START.