Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Headlight Beam
The headlight beam can be adjusted up and down.
1. Place the vehicle on a level surface with the headlight approximately 25 (7.6
m) from a wall.
2. Measure the distance from the floor to the center of the headlight and make a
mark on the wall at the same height.
3. Start the engine and turn the headlight switch to high beam.
4. Observe headlight aim. The most intense part of the headlight beam should
be aimed 2 (5.1 cm) below the mark placed on the wall in step 2. NOTE: Rider
weight must be included on the seat.
5. Loosen pivot bolts and adjust beam to desired position.
6. Tighten nut and bolt. Torque to 60 in. lbs.
Indicator Lamp Replacement
1. Unplug light from harness, depress lock-
ing tabs and remove from pod.
2. Install new light and reassemble pod.
Depress locking
tabs to remove.