Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Backing Up
1. When backing up, always avoid backing downhill.
2. Back slowly.
3. When in reverse, apply the brakes lightly for stopping.
4. Avoid turning at sharp angles in reverse.
5. Never open the throttle suddenly while backing.
6. Always inspect left and right fields of vision before backing.
Backing your RANGER can be dangerous! You could hit an obstacle or
person behind you; or the vehicle could tip over on a steep incline.
D Always back slowly, avoiding excessive speed.
D Avoid backing on steep inclines.
Parking On An Incline
Whenever the Vehicle is Parked
1. Place the transmission in gear.
2. Set the parking brake.
3. Avoid parking on an incline. If it is necessary to park on an incline, always block
the rear wheels on the down hill side.
4. Shut off fuel supply.
Always check to be sure that the parking brake has been disengaged
before operating the vehicle. An accident could result if the parking
brake is left on while the vehicle is operated.
Always block the downhill side of the wheels if leaving the vehicle on
a hill or park the vehicle in a side hill position.