Polaris 2010 99 Ranger Offroad Vehicle User Manual

CAUTION: Operation of your vehicle without a breather filter can cause engine
Breather Filter and Hoses
Do not perform this operation immediately after the engine
has been run. The exhaust system becomes very hot and
can cause severe burns.
1. Open hood and locate the
airbox (1).
2. Follow right hand breather
line out of the back of the
airbox and locate filter (2).
3. Inspect filter for debris. Blow
through gently in direction of
arrow on filter to check for
clogging. Replace as
4. Check hoses for cracks,
deterioration, abrasion, or
leaks. Replace as needed.
5. Reinstall filter and clamps
with arrow pointing toward
Radiator and Cooling Fan
Check and clean the grille, screen and radiator fins for obstruction by insects or
mud in accordance with the Periodic Maintenance Chart.
CAUTION: Using high-pressure water, as from a car wash facility, could damage
the radiator fins and impair the radiators effectiveness.
Do not obstruct or deflect airflow through the radiator by installing unauthorized ac-
cessories in front of the radiator or behind the cooling fan. Interference with the
radiator airflow can lead to overheating and consequent engine damage.
Coolant absorbs excessive heat from the engine and transfers it to the air at the
radiator. If the coolant level becomes low, the engine overheats and may suffer
damage. Check the coolant level each day before operating the vehicle, and re-
plenish coolant if the level is low. Change the coolant in accordance with the Peri-
odic Maintenance Chart.